ANF Therapy

A wearable frequency therapy that helps reduce pain in minutes & support the body's healing processes when nothing else helps.

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ANF Results!

ANF is one of the most mind-blowing & supportive tools to help reduce pain & inflammation, and heal the body faster than you've ever seen before. This therapy is often the answer when nothing else has helped.

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ANF Therapy Changed Caroline's Life

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What Clients Say:


"I think if more people knew about this therapy, there wouldn't be an opioid crisis in this country!"


"Good morning I just got off the phone with the Dr's office and they said everything from the blood work came back very positive said T levels are close to a normal range and cholesterol is better they are going to mail me the results and I will forward when I get thanks again for your help and helping me feel better"


"After struggling with attention problems my entire life, ANF provided me with the answer I needed. I am finally off stimulants such as Vyvanze & Adderal for the first time! It feels as though ANF has given me the ability to feel like I can carry a normal work load and not worry about distractions or deadlines!"


"I have noticed I have more energy and my eyes look a little better, more like they did before I had the hemorrhage & I am seeing more clearly. I also have been nauseous today (which I know is a detox symptom, so I will drink more water). At least the headache is gone! "


"So far these disks have been magical. I slept with No pain last night!"


"Just ran 2 miles for the first time in months with the least amount of pain I've had in so long!!! Thank you Leah!"


"I was taking an incredible amount of Tramadol (opiate) 100mg every day, must have been taking up to 800mg daily!! to cope with shoulder pain and very bad knee injury. A friend came to visit us a few weeks ago and had some patches on him , I asked him why he was wearing them and told me about the treatment that Leah does and took his pain away from his shoulder that he'd had for such a long time! Mick is a builder so you can imagine all the heavy stuff he has to carry and lift each day! He Is still pain free ! I was desperate at this point and my pain was just awful! I went to Leah through desperation to try anything and being perfectly honest with you I really wasn't totally convinced anything was going to change and I'd still be in a lot of pain, well, I couldn't have been more wrong! I am now using my shoulder and I am walking without a limp!! Incredible! I have not touched one Tramadol (opiate) since the first session and feel fantastic! Wish I'd had this done years ago."

Would Healing

This client had bilateral hip surgery at the same time.

Can you guess which incision was treated with ANF? 

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Acute Trauma

Less than 1 week of healing after falling off of a ladder.

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