Hey there! I'm Leah

Ive spent years learning the tools to optimize my physical, mental & emotional health, and i'm here to teach them to you so you can fast-track your healing.

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About Me

I am a rehab specialist, online coach, worldwide ANF Therapy educator, and owner of Mind Body with Leah.

I have a pre-medical degree and a license in massage therapy. I have spent years learning from experts in the field of holistic health, rehab & movement, anatomy, applied kinesiology, and more.I

After not finding the help or tools I needed, I healed myself from severe anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Since, I have committed myself to working with clients both online & in person to decrease their pain, improve their strength and reclaim their quality of life.

Through lifestyle & habit changes I help my clients target the root cause of the current problem, understand why it's happening, and learn how to fix it both now and in the future.

Im here to help you take your body back into your own hands. My mission is to teach you the tools to help you control and optimize the state of your physical, mental, and emotional health & healing. 

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