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Do you have a vision of vitality?


Imagine being the most empowered version of yourself. A version of you that felt clear in your mind, strong in your body, and confident in your life.

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I created the Mind|Body Initiative to facilitate your journey towards reclaiming your health, vitality, and to help you start building a soul-aligned life full of purpose.


For most of my life...

I was frustrated with my physical health, betrayed by my thoughts, overwhelmed by my emotions, drained of my life force energy, and completely stuck in the life I was living. 

I experienced chronic health symptoms and severe gut issues. My mental health suffered due to unprocessed emotions and traumatic childhood memories, and I struggled with severe chronic pain. 

I used the gym & competitive sports to help me get my mind off the challenges I was facing in life. But after herniated 3 disc's in my lumbar spine, I found myself suicidal and at what felt like 'ground zero'. I was unable to move my body in the ways that were truly just distractions from my actual problems, and I found myself completely overwhelmed by all the things I had "brushed under the rug" for so many years.

When I looked in the mirror, I hated the woman I saw looking back at me. I was tired of the anger & frustration I was experiencing that was wreaking havoc on my all my relationships. I was fed up with my negative self talk and I was tired of suffering with all the chronic health symptoms.

It took discovering myself in a dark place to find the courage & drive within and create lasting change in my life.

The support I was seeking & receiving was not getting me to where I needed to be. The Doctors & Therapists I was working with were more concerned with giving me medications to cover up the symptoms than they were interested in unraveling the roots of the issues. Although some things helped temporarily, they weren't a lasting fix.

It took me years of research, trial & error and finding the right teachers, but I was finally able to start making progress in my healing journey. 

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with those navigating similar challenges. I've found that environmental toxicities, generational trauma, and high stress lifestyles are preventing people from living their happiest & healthiest life.  

Most people are disempowered by western medicine and are un-informed as to how to create the changes they desire in their physical, mental & emotional health. I was one of them.

If that's you, know that you are not alone.

My journey has led me to develop The Mind|Body Initiative so that others can avoid the confusion, failed efforts, and wasted time while finding the guidance, support & clarity that actually helps.


The Mind|Body Initiative is for you if…


  • You feel confused & overwhelmed with all the conflicting health and wellness information out there. 

  • You are ready to be supported by an uplifting community and by teachers that actually care, and want to help you get to the root of your challenges. 

  • You feel like western medicine is leading you in circles and not getting to the root of the problems.

  • You want to have more trust in your ability to support yourself & in navigating life’s ups & downs.

  • You have spent copious amounts of money, time and effort trying new things hoping to find something that works. Yet, continue to find yourself disappointed time and time again.

  • You are tired of feeling burned out and want to learn how to regulate your stress levels, both mentally and physically.

  • You are ready to part ways from the negative self-talk in your mind making you feel stuck and holding you back from change. 

  • You are ready to feel through & release your trapped emotions without letting them disrupt your life and your health.

  • You experience chronic pain, stress or unresolved symptoms and you’re ready to make more progress in your healing.

  • You want to be active, move your body, and strengthen your muscles in ways that are safe & that feel good for you.

  • You want to improve your gut health & nutrition, enhance your energy levels and feel better in your body.

  • You’re curious about the holistic approach everyone’s talking about… meditation, breathwork, embodiment, somatic techniques and mindfulness.

  • You know you ultimately want to feel better in your body but you're unsure of where to start.

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Become a confident, effective & empowered self-healer & leader so that you can transform your life.

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What you will learn...

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Mindfulness & Subconscious Reprogramming

Strengthen your mindset and learn breathwork & meditation techniques to shift your limiting beliefs and rewire your thoughts

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Emotional Regulation

Increase body awareness, learn self-massage, and other somatic techniques to decrease tension, enhance mood and support your nervous system.

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Lifestyle & Nutritional Guidance

Decrease inflammation, improve your detoxification, optimize your nutrition & supplementation to heal your gut and enhance lymphatic support.

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Exercise Program

Understand proper & safe body mechanics, strengthen your core, enhance mobility and support your weak areas, no matter what your fitness level.

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Symptom Management

Decrease your stress, physical pain and chronic symptoms through biohacking, pill alternatives, natural products, and other proven holistic modalities.

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Expert Coaching

Knowledge, training and support from leading experts in the holistic and spiritual field, including pain management, holistic nutrition, sound healing, EFT tapping, and so much more.



Kathy's Life Changing Results

Meet Your Team

Leah Drew, 
Lead Coach


Pain Management Specialist
Trauma-Informed Mind|Body Healing Guide
Founder of Mind|Body With Leah

I obtained a Pre-medical degree focused in Health Psychology from MCPHS University where I gained extensive knowledge in the Mind|Body connection and the use of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) techniques in healing. I have spent my entire life working alongside physical therapists where I gained a deep understanding of rehabilitation & corrective exercise. After receiving a 2nd degree in massage therapy, I began applying my collective knowledge alongside the support of the right teachers to heal myself from chronic pain, poor gut health & systemic inflammation. When I realized the physical changes could only go so far, I began diving deep into mindset & trauma work to start releasing trapped emotions making me sick, and shifting the thoughts & beliefs that were preventing me from healing. I have committed my life to learning more about holistic healing and the influence of trauma on the body & the Mind|Body connection so I can empower others with the tools they need to feel confident & empowered and so they can effectively heal themselves.

Valarie McCarty,
Support Coach


Certified Holistic Health Coach
Mindset & Emotional Support Coach
Founder of Mindful Wellth

Valarie is both an incredibly knowledgeable friend and support system. She strongly leads with her intuition and always holds a powerful space for others to come to their own understandings. She has a seamless way of asking all the right questions to help guide you on the most aligned path towards your true north. I am excited and honored to have Valarie holding space in the Mind|Body Initiative, as I know firsthand the powerful presence & support she offers in the healing & growth journey.


No one can navigate the healing journey alone. It took me years to find the right healers and friends that could optimally support me. As part of the Mind|Body Initiative, you'll get invited to a thriving, private social network where you can connect with others who are on similar journey's so you don't feel alone. My goal in building this community is to offer you a chance to find support & encouragement, gain & offer feedback, and feel connected with others. This may just be one of the most loving & supportive communities you will find.

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How much longer are you going to wait until you take your power back?

Your body has the innate ability to heal & you have the ability to creat the life you have been dreaming of.

When you regain control of your mind and supply your body with the right tools, you become empowered to optimize your mental, physical and emotional health so you can effectively build & experience the life you truly desire. Life isn't going to slow down for you… it’s up to you to decide when you're ready to take control, and start leading each day with confidence, intention and purpose. 


5 Months to Transformation


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Reprogram Your Mind

Unravel the subconscious limiting beliefs sabotaging your mindset and blocking you from enhancing your health and reaching your goals.

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Take Control Over Your Body

Understand how to regulate and heal your stress, emotions, pain, inflammation and other chronic symptoms to achieve an elevated state of wellness.

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Reclaim Your Life

Master and apply these foundational holistic tools and habit changes to empower yourself to live a happy, healthy, strong and purposeful life.


What you get:

5 Month Program with 1 Call each Week ($6000 VALUE)
-  Embodiment, Somatic's & Experientials with space for support and Q&A.

Lifetime Access to All Education Modules, Tools & Resources ($2000 VALUE)

16-Week Functional Strength & Mobility Training Program (w/ Videos) ($1500 VALUE)

Weekly Mindfulness Tools & Exercises ($1000 VALUE)

Holistic Nutritional Education, Guidance and Support ($2500 VALUE)

Guest Coaches ($3000 VALUE)
 List of live coaches coming soon
Access to past recordings:
Grace Sternklar (EFT)
Nathan Kohlerman (Somatic's & Breathwork)
Harrison Meagher (Inner Child Work)
Dr. Becky Coots-Kimbley (Gut Health & Quantum, Naturopathic Healing)
David Drimmel (Root Cause Medicine & Detoxification)
Barrett Perlman (Psychedelic Healing Guide)



 Access to a Private Holistic Healing Community (PRICELESS)



YOUR PRICE $3,500 

2 monthly payments of $1800
3 monthly payments of $1250

4  monthly payments of $960
5 monthly payments of $780
6  monthly payments of $667
**Please reach out to Leah directly if you need further payment assistance.**



VIP Option: 

1:1 Signal Texting & Voice Note Support

Program Total: $5,000

1:1 Signal Texting & Voice Note Support + 4 x 1:1 Zoom Calls (60 mins)

Program Total: $6,500


 1:1 Storywork Call (90 minutes)
Helps to identify, interrupt & re-structure thought patterns & memories so you can overcome your triggers, fears, and worries, to prevent your past experiences from influencing your present & future.
Learn about storywork here.

Total: $350/ session




I'd love to connect with you!

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