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Taking Radical Responsibility For Your Healing & Healing

True healing begins when you start to take radical responsibility for your health and well-being. This means no longer relying on outside sources to give you answers or make you feel better, and rather going within, doing the inner work, and finding empowerment in your healing through your own knowledge and understanding. 


A great place to start is with understanding the mind-body connection. The Mind|Body connection shows you that your thoughts, emotions and beliefs all have an incredible impact on our physical, mental & emotional health. When you take a holistic approach to healing, you recognize that true healing must begin from within, and that by taking ownership of our health and healing, you can begin to create your own reality and begin experiencing true wellbeing.


This inner work can be challenging and uncomfortable at times, but it is also incredibly powerful. Through conscious self-awareness, reflection, exploration, and optimized self-care, you can...

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3 Years, 1 Saturn Return & A Complete Life Transformation.

I woke up yesterday feeling lighter in my body than I had in years. Later in the day I realized that saturn moved from Aquarius into Pisces and that my Saturn return had just ended.


Now you might be thinking, Leah... thats woo woo ish...


Well, the thing is...even if you’re not into Astrology, you still have a Saturn return. A Saturn return is an astrological phenomena that occurs every 30 years, and tends to cause quite a ruckus (my grandfathers favorite word) every time they come around. 


Every 30 years Saturn returns to the exact place that it was when you were born. This happens around ages 27-30, 56-59, and 86-89. 


Now before we continue, remember that you are made of energy & water. Science shows us that movement of energy within the solar system effects the ocean tides. Your body is not exempt from those shifts.


Saturn rules topics like maturity, hard work, accountability and adulthood. Often leading to...

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Are the labels you use preventing your growth?

Over the last few months I have been sitting with the thoughts of how “labels” influence us as humans. 


We are each raised in unique environments by adults who hold different beliefs, who have their own understandings of the world. We, as humans are extremely impressionable. Through our environment, our brains & nervous systems learn. We learn to make sense of things, we learn to respond to things, and we develop our own understandings based on the people, places & things around us.

As we age our knowledge is challenged & evolves into understandings & beliefs that are aligned with our present self. Often those beliefs & understandings change with time & experience. This is personal growth.

I often talk about “doing the work” on social media. Doing the work, in my opinion is this process of unlearning learned behaviors and re-programming beliefs through experience. It’s not easy, and it shifts who we are as humans,...

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Your Mind Is Sabotaging Your Life.

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2022

Your past life experiences play a big role in your personality, your interests, your desires, your values, your triggers and most importantly your subconscious programming.


You are a result of all your experiences. They shape you. Through them you learn & grow.


The subconscious programming that you develop over your life (especially during childhood years) becomes the foundation of who you are, how you think, what you believe, how you approach the world, and how you respond to it.


If you are human, at some point in your childhood you probably experienced one (or maybe even two!) challenging, stressful or traumatic events. Bullying, car accidents, sexual assault, and divorce are all very common experiences that my clients discover are influencing their physical health, mental health, emotional health & spiritual/energetic health. 


These experiences drive your brain to...

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2022

Our childhood experiences play a BIG role in our personalities, our interests, our desires, our values, our triggers and most importantly our subconscious programming.


We are a result of all our experiences. They shape us. Through them we learn. 

The subconscious programming that we develop in our childhood becomes the foundation of who we are, how we approach the world, and how we respond to it.


If you are human, at some point in your childhood you have probably experienced one (or maybe even two!) challenging, stressful or traumatic situations. Bullying, car accidents, sexual assault, and divorce are all very common experiences that my clients write on their intake forms. 


These experiences drive our brains to respond in ways that keep us safe. Our bodies are incredibly smart, once we experience pain or discomfort, our bodies do everything they can to avoid re-experiencing that pain in the future. We do this by being...

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He left me for another woman

#relationships Jan 10, 2022

The deepest of human desires is for connection. The ability to be vulnerable, to offer ones essence entirely, to share our values and what is most important to us… connection cracks us open. It shines light on some of the darkest areas of our being so that we can become more aware of the areas we get to continue making growth. This is a dance that we cannot accomplish alone. It is through others in which we are challenged to go deeper within ourselves.


I believe true, healthy, divine union is the most vulnerable we can get in life. Such generous vulnerability opens up a portal of interconnection that allows both the giver & receiver to be inspired, to be nourished & to be healed, if they so choose. 


2021 brought me this kind of healthy, safe, vulnerable connection. It brought me a love that I have forever longed for. I always believed it existed, but I was blocked from experiencing it for myself.


Growing up I never witnessed healthy...

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2022: The Year of Transformation

#moonstuff2022 Jan 02, 2022

2022 is here.

One of my overarching intentions for this year is to connect more deeply with mother Gaia. Through that I have the goal of developing a deeper relationship with the lunar cycles & the planets impacting our minds & bodies as we cycle through the months. As I learn, I will be sharing with you my lessons because writing them down & teaching helps with integrating & remembering.

So here is a little bit about what you have to look forward to in 2022

The overarching theme entering into this new year is Growth & transformation. This is stimulated by the interactions of particular planets within our atmosphere. 

Last year was categorized by some tough lessons & wake-up calls. We had a lot to deal with in 2021. The year strengthened us and helped us grow and allowed us to recognize what we desire & deserve. 

2022 has 3 primary lessons to observe as we move specifically through this first half of the year.

1. Allow yourself to...

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2021 Reflections

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2022

2021 changed me to the deepest depths of my soul ‍

This year helped me understand the meaning of true enlightenment. Completely surrendered to the universe, heart fully open and feeling everything while simply being the observer of my reality. Enlightenment (in my eyes) is to be fully present without attachment and to give love with no expectation of receiving it back, and to give it regardless of how much pain I may feel

2021 brought me the most beautiful love (& transformational loss) I’ve ever shared with another human being. Through that love I was able to transmute so much pain & suffering, and heal so much unprocessed trauma. It allowed me to step into my power as a woman. To fully see myself, to step into my feminine, and allowed me to fully trust in the universe. And although that love abruptly & unexpectedly walked out of my life, it left me with a deep gratitude and an even deeper love for life

It’s so hard to put into words what this year has...

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Embracing Discomfort

I used to be the girl that liked everything "my way."

I wasted so much energy trying to ensure everything went according to plan. 

I thought that if everything fit into this picturesque experience, then shitty things wouldn't happen, and that life would stay comfortable.

It led me down the road of controlling just about every single part of my life. 

I thought this would bring me more comfort, and in reality it did the opposite. It brought me more stress and more anxiety. And when things didn't go according to plan, more struggle & disappointment.

This is a very masculine way of being. When in the shadow's of the masculine, humans seek to control everything around. This is a protection mechanism. We do this as humans to avoid pain, to avoid the unexpected, to avoid abandonment, to avoid loss, and so many other feelings & experiences. We do this to keep ourselves safe. 

We as humans learn from our past experiences and put up walls &...

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Off The Socials

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2021

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.


One of the last generations of children to grow up without a phone in my hand.


I think I was in 7th grade when I got my first flip phone.


At that time there were only 2 forms of entertainment I could find on my flip phone: snake & Tetris.


Yeah… Remember those days? 


Tetris was my favorite. I loved puzzles. I loved figuring out ways to perfectly connect pieces together. Ive always been really good at puzzles. Which turned into being really good at helping people heal & solving the puzzle that is their physical pain & health.


At that time there was no Facebook, there was no instagram, there was no WhatsApp. The only way to connect was via a phone call or via email. Ohhh the days when people still had an alphabetized phonebook, or a piece of paper taped to the inside of the cabinet housing all the numbers they may ever need.


That was the time of dial-up… remember...

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