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Free yourself from the stories that are holding you back from reaching your happiest & healthiest life.

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Words are the building blocks of your mindset. Identify & remove the words that are holding you back, and shift your language to benefit your movement forwards. 

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Get clear on the stories & patterns stuck in the subconscious. These stories will influence your self-talk, your self-confidence, and the life around you. Shift the perspective of the story to shift your beliefs and change your life.


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The most powerful tool you have. Use your breath to create change in your words & stories, and to change how your mind & body feels & responds. Reduce stress and create space for change.

I am ready to change my stories!

Are you tired of falling victim to that voice in your head? 

I like to call that inner voice your roommate

This inner voice tends to become loud when there is stagnant energy in the body. Stagnant energy occurs when your subconscious mind holds on to memories, past experiences, feelings & emotions (these are all energy) in attempts to protect you. When you hold on to this energy, your body is unable to process the experience & feel a sense of safety. The mind then puts up walls & begins speaking loudly in attempts to protect you from re-experiencing that event, feeling or emotion. 

I know what you're thinking, "i'm glad my body keeps me safe from re-experiencing those things"... well, you actually spend more energy trying to protect yourself from re-experiencing than you do processing & letting go of them. That unprocessed energy then plays role on your mental health, physical health, and your body's ability to heal & function.

Left unprocessed, that inner roommate gets VERY loud and will interfere with your daily life.

Storywork is a powerful way to identify & re-wire these unprocessed stories & memories. Storywork utilizes a 4-step process to identify the story or memory creating dis-harmony in the body, process it through reading & writing, bring a relaxation response to the memory, and create a new anchor so the mind lets go of that stressful or triggering experience.

Through storywork you can quiet that inner roommate in your mind, heal your body, reduce your fears,  move forwards in your life without hesitation, and experience more confidence, ease, joy & freedom.

Learn more about your subconscious mind and its impact on your life

This Is For You If...

  • You are ready to quiet the voice in your head.
  • If you are ready to break free from limiting thoughts & beliefs
  • You are ready to reduce the intensity of the triggers in your life. 
  • You are tired of experiencing stress, anxiety, depression & other low vibrating emotions.
  • You are ready to get to the root of your mental & emotional "stuckness"
  • You are ready to overcome the traumatic experiences, memories & release feelings & emotions your body is holding on to.
  • You are ready to release your fears & feel more confident in your life.
  • You find yourself speaking negatively about yourself and are ready to reprogram your subconscious and start truly loving yourself.
  • You are ready to change your health, your brain function, and your life experience.
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I am ready to change my stories & change my life

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