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See What Clients Are Saying.

Testimonials from Leah's Clients.

See What Clients Are Saying.

Testimonials from Leah's Clients.

"Leah is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at what she does and is a great coach. She is encouraging, supportive, and available, and really takes the time to explain what is happening in the body. I've learned so much in this short time, and have developed so much more body awareness."

Sarah I.

"I have never met anyone who truly cares about her clients as much as Leah does. I have known her for many years, first meeting her as my trainer after heart surgery, then her treating a back injury, and most recently after being diagnosed with atonomic nervous system failure. She gives her whole self to helping you heal and get and feel better. I would not hesitate for a second to see her, I will miss having her in Massachusetts, she has been my go to with any new symptoms or diagnosis. She is truly a gift."

Suzanne H.

"Your knowledge and wisdom is beyond your years, I’m grateful you’re sharing some of it with me. "



"Leah is a very gifted bodyworker & coach. She has excellent intuition about the root of pain and has a unique and methodical way of approaching mobility issues. Her positive energy and calming nature make her a pleasure to work with. Leah uncovers the deepest layers of the problem and honestly I think she's a body magician! "

Alison W.


"For the first time in 6 months I woke up completely pain free today!! Leah is an incredibly hard worker and is completely dedicated to finding out the cause of any pain you are having with your body. I am incredibly grateful for everything she has done for me and would recommend her to everyone I know."

Nicholas M.


"Leah is a practitioner who is both knowledgable and compassionate, and wise beyond her years. She truly cares about supporting people through healing. Leah is also very curious and her passion and desire to learn makes her, in my mind, an outstanding practitioner. I highly recommend working with Leah in your wellness journey."

Melissa S


"Leah is one of the most fascinating people i ever met. Her extensive knowledge on the body, the nervous system, and the interconnectedness of our whole being is beyond words.

I can turn to Leah with any physical or personal problem, whether i need professional help or just a friend to talk to. This girl is a walking ball of light."

Richard K


"I feel, walk, talk, think, breathe, and overall carry myself differently in all aspects of human experience. I could not have reached this goal without your coaching, Leah. Thank you for showing me what it genuinely looks and feels like to have a professional companion in this universe. 

We are both from different planets (cultures), but our spirits are ONE, after all those societal layer’s peeled off. That’s what our sessions felt like and what I took away from them. Thank you, again, for walking with me through this scavenger hunt of a journey while I learned to find my self-love and acceptance."

Avigail T.


"Leah, is a fearless truth seeker. Her passion for helping others is admirable. Her ability to self reflect in order to improve her own walk, enables her the ability to help others create their best quality of life!"

Kimberly M.