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Is Your Scar Tissue Causing You Pain?

This week, scars came up multiple times with my clients. I think about 85% of my client base right now currently has assigned homework to release their scars at home. 


Well, scars (when not properly rehabbed) elicit a stress response in the body and like to down-regulate muscles (kind of like turning down a light dimmer.)

I like to use the analogy of a detour sign during road construction.

When the body experiences injury or trauma (in this case a cut or injury) it sends a message to the brain to start using a different route (alternative nerve communication pathways) to get the goal (movement) accomplished.

As a result the body starts compensating to avoid pain or further injury, it does this to protect you! The easiest example of a compensation pattern to protect you from pain is rolling your ankle and limping. HOW AMAZING! BUT until we tell the body to remove the detour sign, and remind it that it is okay to start using the old road again, it...

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