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Welcome To The Mindful Evolution Podcast


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Creating Global Change Through A Mindful Evolution

Episode 1 w/ Leah Drew

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Meet your Mind|Body Healing Guide

Leah Drew

Host and Mind|Body Expert

As a pain management specialist & Mind|Body expert, Leah will invite you to look deeper at yourself through different perspectives with an open heart & an open mind. Leah believes strongly in evolving as a human race through mindfulness, self-care, and self-awareness. Leah believes that every person should have access to the tools and feel empowered over their physical & mental health, their healing, and their personal (& spiritual) development. Her Boston-blood brings an passionate, direct, playful, and fiery voice to the Mindful Evolution Podcast.

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I’ve gone from feeling disconnected with myself & my world, to finally understanding what it feels like to live in alignment. This podcast has changed my life. I love how Leah mixes the science with the 'woo-woo.' But my favorite thing is how she always kindly and lovingly guides me back home to myself.


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