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Trailer: Welcome To The Mindful Evolution Podcast

#podcast Nov 17, 2023
Trailer: Welcome To The Mindful Evolution Podcast

Welcome to The Mindful Evolution Podcast! This podcast is for awareness-seeker ready to go deeper, create change and feel more empowered over their physical, mental & emotional well-being. My intention is to be a catalyst for you as we explore topics surrounding holistic health, mindset optimization, trauma healing, emotional intelligence and much more. Join me as we journey together and evolve in mind, body and spirit.

On todays episode I discuss:

- The intention of this podcast.

- Understanding the difference between your internal & external environments.

- The importance of diving into "the work" and healing generational trauma.

- Why the world needs your gifts right now and how "doing the work" will allow you to make bigger impacts on the world & communities around you.

- The importance of Knowledge & discernment


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