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Episode 1: Creating Global Change Through A Mindful Evolution w/ Leah Drew

#podcast Dec 05, 2023

In this episode of the Mindful Evolution Podcast, Leah explores the transformative nature of mindfulness. Leah recounts her journey overcoming anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression, emphasizing mindfulness as a  key role. The episode delves into the scientific mechanisms of mindfulness in shaping the brain, managing emotions, reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, aiding in pain relief, and enhancing mental health. The discussion highlights the value of mindfulness for individual wellbeing, improved relationships, and enhanced creative expression. Furthermore, Leah emphasizes the potential for mindfulness as a tool for collective change in forging a more empathetic, compassionate, environmentally conscious, and innovative society. Leah discusses different mindfulness techniques, from breath work and body scanning to journaling and meditation.


Key topics:

01:36 Understanding Mindfulness: What Is It & My Personal Experience

04:01 The Science of Mindfulness: Changes to the Brain

06: 23 Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation  

08:00 Mindfulness and Stress Reduction 

09:16 Mindfulness and Pain Management 

10:03 Mindfulness and Self-Awareness 

10:21 Mindfulness and Relationships

11:07 Mindfulness and Mental Health

13:00 Catalyzing World Change Through Mindfulness: Education, Climate Change, Politics, Socioeconomics 

26:21 The Importance of Mindfulness in Today's World

28:17 Practical Ways to implement Mindfulness

31:57 Closing Thoughts


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