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2022: The Year of Transformation

#moonstuff2022 Jan 02, 2022

2022 is here.

One of my overarching intentions for this year is to connect more deeply with mother Gaia. Through that I have the goal of developing a deeper relationship with the lunar cycles & the planets impacting our minds & bodies as we cycle through the months. As I learn, I will be sharing with you my lessons because writing them down & teaching helps with integrating & remembering.

So here is a little bit about what you have to look forward to in 2022

The overarching theme entering into this new year is Growth & transformation. This is stimulated by the interactions of particular planets within our atmosphere. 

Last year was categorized by some tough lessons & wake-up calls. We had a lot to deal with in 2021. The year strengthened us and helped us grow and allowed us to recognize what we desire & deserve. 

2022 has 3 primary lessons to observe as we move specifically through this first half of the year.

1. Allow yourself to shift, to change, and to align yourself with only the things that feel really damn good. Put your energy into more of the things that bring you joy & freedom. (Jupiter x Uranus)

2. Open your mind to deeper understandings of spirituality & meditation.  Follow the things that uplift & inspire you. Welcome new opportunities that involve travel, adventure, and deep connection. Divine partnership & sacred union may be significant themes of this year. Be aware of new knowledge surrounding deception, illusions & disappointments. (Jupiter x Neptune)

3. Be open & ready for massive healing & growth. This year may bring you to face some dark shadows to allow you to better appreciate the light. This year may bring to light thing that are no longer serving you along your journey forward. (Jupiter x Pluto)

Jupiter is a planet of amplification, so be ready for this year to bring about massive amounts of healing & growth. 


This year starts with a beautiful new moon in Capricorn, and pair that with the start of a new year! What a beautiful time to set some intentions. New moons are for manifesting. The energy, thoughts & beliefs you put into the universe right now are going to set the tone for the not only the month, but the year ahead.


Capricorn: be mindful of the balance between the light & dark sides

Light side: disciplined, structured, responsible, organized, ambitious, determined

Shadow side: controlling, know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, pessimistic, stubborn.

Element: Earth


Here are some questions to help you set your intentions & grow through 2022:

1. What are the top 3 things you want to transform in your life this year? This can be physical, mental, emotional, energetic, internal or external.

2. What are your current beliefs/self talk around these 3 things?

3. Are those things true? Why or why not?

4. What lessons did you learn in 2021? How can you use these lessons to help you in your transformation?

5. What are your highest values? This can be applied to personal life, business, relationships, etc.

6. What are the top 5 most important things in your life? 

**Write these down, and while you're at it, do a little bit of earthing to ground you into these answers & connect with the energy of Capricorn. 


If you are seeking some interactive guidance & support to set & amplify your intentions for 2022, my 2022 Intention setting & manifestation workshop will help you gain clarity & supercharge your new years goals. This 2 hour workshop will launch you into 2022 with readiness & confidence.

Its your year to reduce your pain & inflammation, heal your body, overcome your fears, strengthen your mindset, release emotions trapped in your body, heal your relationships, and transform your life. You deserve to love your life. 

If you are seeking more support along your healing & transformation journey, send me a message to find out how we can work together in 2022.

You've got this.

xo, Leah


P.s: Hit reply to this email and send me your answers to the questions!! I would love to share in your manifestation magic 



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