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He left me for another woman

#relationships Jan 10, 2022

The deepest of human desires is for connection. The ability to be vulnerable, to offer ones essence entirely, to share our values and what is most important to us… connection cracks us open. It shines light on some of the darkest areas of our being so that we can become more aware of the areas we get to continue making growth. This is a dance that we cannot accomplish alone. It is through others in which we are challenged to go deeper within ourselves.


I believe true, healthy, divine union is the most vulnerable we can get in life. Such generous vulnerability opens up a portal of interconnection that allows both the giver & receiver to be inspired, to be nourished & to be healed, if they so choose. 


2021 brought me this kind of healthy, safe, vulnerable connection. It brought me a love that I have forever longed for. I always believed it existed, but I was blocked from experiencing it for myself.


Growing up I never witnessed healthy...

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