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Embracing Discomfort

I used to be the girl that liked everything "my way."

I wasted so much energy trying to ensure everything went according to plan. 

I thought that if everything fit into this picturesque experience, then shitty things wouldn't happen, and that life would stay comfortable.

It led me down the road of controlling just about every single part of my life. 

I thought this would bring me more comfort, and in reality it did the opposite. It brought me more stress and more anxiety. And when things didn't go according to plan, more struggle & disappointment.

This is a very masculine way of being. When in the shadow's of the masculine, humans seek to control everything around. This is a protection mechanism. We do this as humans to avoid pain, to avoid the unexpected, to avoid abandonment, to avoid loss, and so many other feelings & experiences. We do this to keep ourselves safe. 

We as humans learn from our past experiences and put up walls &...

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