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3 Years, 1 Saturn Return & A Complete Life Transformation.

#astrology #healing #mind|bodyinitiative Mar 08, 2023

I woke up yesterday feeling lighter in my body than I had in years. Later in the day I realized that saturn moved from Aquarius into Pisces and that my Saturn return had just ended.


Now you might be thinking, Leah... thats woo woo ish...


Well, the thing is...even if you’re not into Astrology, you still have a Saturn return. A Saturn return is an astrological phenomena that occurs every 30 years, and tends to cause quite a ruckus (my grandfathers favorite word) every time they come around. 


Every 30 years Saturn returns to the exact place that it was when you were born. This happens around ages 27-30, 56-59, and 86-89. 


Now before we continue, remember that you are made of energy & water. Science shows us that movement of energy within the solar system effects the ocean tides. Your body is not exempt from those shifts.


Saturn rules topics like maturity, hard work, accountability and adulthood. Often leading to periods of tearing down walls & beliefs, and getting serious about who you are, what your legacy is, and how you are here to impact the world.


To put it simply, this time tends to feel heavier & more difficult but offers an opportunity to grow into the next phase of your life.


My Saturn return started back in 2020. I was tired of living a life that lacked joy, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment. So, I packed my bags and moved across the country to California on Friday March 13. Two days before the entire country went into quarantine…. talk about divine timing.


I was ultimately locked into a house with 2 couples, and 4 brand new humans that encouraged me to step WAY outside my comfort zone in my communication, relating, beliefs of self, and in my exploration of psychedelics, and catapulted me into deeper aspects of my healing & personal growth journey.


I was in a constant state of fight-or-flight. All my plans were thrown out the window. I was on my own for the first time in my entire life with no family, no friends, no income, and a business at ground zero. 


I found myself working all day every day, leading through fear, stressed out 100% of the time, triggered AF and not focusing any energy on myself, or my physical, mental & emotional needs. 


I moved across the country to because I was sick and tired of the life I was living. Yet, I found myself locked in a home still suffering with chronic health issues, still anxious & depressed, and completely overwhelmed with what was happening in my life within me & around. 


I was done. I wanted to start living a different experience. I was ready to find the right support, I was ready to start healing, and I was ready to change my life for good. 


Over the next 3 years I made it my mission to find the right therapist, the right teachers & mentors, the right friends & communities that helped me feel supported, loved & in alignment with my bigger life purpose. 


Fast forward to today, I see that the last 3 years in my Saturn return have shaped me into a very strong, embodied, and powerful woman. Im learning to lead fearlessly & lean more my highest self every day. And most importantly, I feel competent in my self-healing & self-regulation tools that help me be the best version of me every single day so that I can continue supporting others, fulfilling my legacy and leading my life with passion & purpose. 


It’s not been an easy journey, but it’s been worth it. 


And just because I’m out of my first Saturn return doesn’t mean that I won’t face challenge. Its life… of course I will. However, I now have the tools to navigate those challenges with confidence & efficiency. Something I couldn’t say before my Saturn return started. 


Even if you’re not in your Saturn return, you can still learn these tools to start supporting your mind & your body more effectively. When you implement these tools you can make the changes you are ready for and facilitate the transformation you desire in your health & in your life. 


I created the Mind|Body Initiative because I want those who are ready to transform their life to have the tools to support them through the process without the confusion. These are the tools that I wish I had when I started my journey to save me from wasting time, energy, and enduring lots of emotional stress. 


Learn more about the Mind|Body Initiative here & apply to join the next 4-month life changing experience.


Feel free to reach out with any questions or hesitations you may have. Im here to help you remove any obstacles so you can optimize your healing & create the life you deeply desire. 

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