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Shift Your Thought Patterns

We all have negative experiences.

Life wouldn't be life without them... However, the way we think about those experiences & events dictates how we grow forwards.


Learning how to find the positives in any negative situation will not only help in decreasing your pain, but will allow your body to heal more efficiently 🌟 


Are you focusing on the negative feelings & emotions elicited during that time?


Are you still angry, upset, and bitter?


Focusing on those negatives will prevent you from the self growth & healing that you are capable of.


Try this exercise ⬇️

1. I want you to get a pen, and write down all the things that come to mind during the event or period of time in your life that you deem 'traumatic'.

2. Now write down how every one of those things has resulted in positivity, growth, changes in thinking, or even new friendships! What did that negative experience give you that has made you who you are?

3. What things did you learn?

4. Even if something bad or negative happened, why are you grateful for that experience?

For this one, I want you to write: "I am grateful for ___________, because..."


Focusing on the positives will help you feel better about that negative experience & will help you grow and heal more than you knew possible 😊



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