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Building Support Structures

If you are living, you are a being with a nervous system.

If you have a nervous system, ultimately you are energy. 

You are made up of and controlled by energy; frequencies actually is the language spoke.

Frequencies help our body carry out every function, every thought, and every movement.

Frequencies flow in waves & troughs. With high’s and lows.

Life is its equal. Full of highs, full of lows, its an oscillating wave. 

The speed of the wave dictates its frequency. 

Higher frequencies have more sporadic waves. 

Lower frequencies have less sporadic waves. 

I like to think of those waves as ‘obstacles’.

‘Obstacles’ in which are placed in our path for a reason. 

A reason that gives us options to see, feel and experience the present from another lense. 

I have this theory that the harder we push at life, the more obstacles get placed in our way.

Like driving down the road, the # potholes isn’t changing in the moment, but the faster you go, the faster you stumble across them.

Placed there both as a reminder to slow down, and to be completely sure you can handle the speed at which your energy is in motion. 

Energy-in-motion = Emotions.  

Is it possible that with more ‘obstacles’ come more emotions? Does that mean that a higher frequency yields more emotions? 

Maybe the emotions are like the potholes, but such occurrence of ‘obstacles’ also yields greater awareness, more challenges, and more opportunities for growth.

When those ‘obstacles’ push us off course, we find ourselves somewhere on the spectrum between success & failure.

On one end, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, feeling like a failure we struggle to see the benefits of what that experience has offered.

On the other end, confident, proud, happy, stronger, accomplished, feeling successful we can see the areas where we achieved, and the areas where we learned. 

I think we struggle to feel the ladder a lot of times. 

We struggle to give ourselves credit for the things we have been able to accomplish, especially if we feel like we haven’t won.

But darling, within every failure is a win. 

Within every failure is a new lens from which to view the beauty.

Every failure holds helpful lessons. 

When we learn, we win. 

But yet, we feel the impact of ‘obstacles’ and often associate them with a feeling of loss. 

So if these obstacles placed in our path support our growth, nurture our minds, and build our best self, why do we relate to them in darkness?

Sometimes I replace words with new ones. Vocabulary shifts stimulate energetic shifts. 

Energetic shifts = shifts in frequencies, which = shifts in wavelengths. 

I am going to start replacing the word ‘obstacle’ with support structure from now on. 

Each obstacle brings a win of some kind. It brings lessons & it brings growth.

Say the word support structure out loud.

Say it, feel the shift. 

Build on those support structures. 


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